A new area for NYA: voting

Today marks a departure for NYA from our usual research in sport. I’ve decided to devote some time to the study of voting, because I think it’s a supremely important and under-researched area. Voting is the foundation of democracy. Both voting and democracy as a whole have been under threat in the United States. No one knows how close the nation came to the collapse of its political system in January 2021, but it was too close for the comfort of people who, like me, feel that democracy is inseparable from freedom. In my view, the nation was saved by…
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Dipping a toe into Fantasy Premier League

As if the Premier League weren’t popular enough as a product on its own, millions of people also play free Fantasy Premier League (FPL) games on various platforms, including the league’s own. Since we’re offering resources for fantasy players on smarterscout.com, we thought it was time to get involved directly. So this season, for the first time, we have a team – and a special strategy to go with it. The squad Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to write a complete algorithm to optimize our team. When we do, we’ll make the results available to everyone on our site. But…
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What is smarterscout.com?

I’ve spent the past seven years working in soccer/football analytics, and one complaint that I often hear is that so much work is only visible behind closed doors. Another is that analytics hasn’t gone mainstream. I think these two things are connected. So for me, it’s time to bring analytics out into the open, and that’s why NYA has launched smarterscout.com, where basic membership (smarterscout Lite) is free. Right now smarterscout is in beta, and we’ll be adding plenty of features in the coming months. But we wanted to get an early version of the site online because, to be…
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