Real Madrid should not buy Eden Hazard from Chelsea

I come to bury Eden Hazard, and to praise him. The player whose effortless runs once terrorized Premier League rightbacks is no more. Could he ever come back? Once in a while I scan NYA’s player ratings across different leagues to see if anything unusual is going on. I have a rating for skill in ground duels in possession, and the player I’ve tended to use as a benchmark for this rating is none other than Hazard. The reason is simple: he’s always been among the most dangerous wingers (or lately attacking midfielders) in the world. In a ground duel…
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How good was Andrew Robertson at Hull?

Andrew Robertson, Liverpool’s left back, has been garnering plenty of plaudits for his performances in the Premier League and the Champions League, including a nomination for player of the week in the latter competition. He’s part of the raft of successful signings by Michael Edwards, the onetime analyst who is now the club’s sporting director. But to some, Robertson’s signing was a bit of a surprise: (By the way, I’d recommend following James on Twitter and reading his always entertaining prose.) Edwards apparently has a team of up to five mathematics and physics PhDs working for him. What did they see in the young Scottish fullback…
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Searching for Sergio

As Pep Guardiola has just informed us, this weekend Manchester City will play one more time without their talismanic striker Sergio Agüero. As an Independiente fan, I’ve followed Agüero’s career since he was a teenager playing alongside the likes of Gabriel Milito and Daniel Montenegro. He’s 30 years old now and has never been the most durable player, so the question for Manchester City is inevitably how to replace him. Even for a star of his quality, it’s a much harder task than you might expect. It’s easy to say that every player is unique. But Agüero is particularly different from his peers as a…
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